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Fun Guessing Game That Earns Bitcoin by BrainVerts

Lee 0

What could be better than earning free bitcoin online? It is playing game at the same time. And all that is made possible with BrainVerts. Aside from Earning by clicking ads or completing offers, there is more fun way to earn such as their Free Lucky Number.


How do I earn from Free Lucky Number?

Simply clicking their ads and you will get tickets which will be used to play Free Lucky Number. (Currently, there is an ongoing event where you get additional 2 tickets if you earned 10 satoshi)

After you’ve had your tickets, go to the Free Lucky Numbers page and look for the “Exchange Free Ticket” section. (see screenshots below)

Enter the Lucky Number (From 0 to 99). In this example, I will pick 77.

Click “Hold Number”. And a successful/error message will come up. success if you have enough tickets and fail if you don’t have enough tickets.

After that, at GMT 23:00, the system will close ticket exchanging and reveal all tickets holder. (usernames and their number)

At GMT 00:00, the system will query the CryptoData.Stream for BTC/USD price index at 00:00. the two decimal digits will be used to determine the winner of the Free Lucky Number.

If there are two winners, the prize will be splitted.


If you have any other questions you can contact their support.