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Show a pop-up to tell your visitors that your site uses cookies and comply with EU Cookie Law

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If you have a website that serves visitors from Europe, you are encouraged to notify your visitor that your site uses cookies. I have made a javascript-based app that will shows a pop-up to your visitors. This pop-up will not be intrusive to your visitors. All they need to do is click on a button and that pop-up will disappear.

For the time being, this javascript-based pop-up is only installable from CloudFlare Apps. Here’s the link :

I will try to add as many customization option as possible while at the same time increasing its compatibility on most websites. If you encounter any problem when using it, please leave a comment here. It will help me a lot in developing this app. Thank you.

PS : I will add non-cloudflare installation option soon.


Update log :

1.0.6 :

  • Added the ability to set the transparency of the pop-up

1.0.7 :

  • Fixed minor bugs causing the button to be placed outside the container

1.1.0 :

  • Added “Learn More” link functionality

 1.1.2 :

  • Added “Button Location” functionality


Common Q&A :

Whenever you guys left a comment or review… they don’t go in vain… I hear you guys, I hear you.

Q : How can I change the pop-up’s font?

A : The pop-up’s font are inherited from the font property you set in the “body” element of your HTML.

Q : It overlaid my navigation! I assume it will push down my content?

A : No, that’s why it is called a pop-up. It will always overlay your site content because we assume that visitors will click it and it will disappear directly.

Q : Can you let us choose the button position to the left or the right?

A : That’s a good idea, this feature will be implemented soon.

Q : Can you let us choose the thickness of the pop-up?

A : Of course, I will add this feature in the next update.

Q : I am a developer, how can I customize your pop-up’s appearance directly with css?

A : You can use the cloudflare-app[app="tibrr-cookie-consent"] css selector to begin with. Additionally, you can check all css properties you can edit by using web browser’s development tools.

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