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How to visit a website that is blocked by your country or your ISP

Howard Lie 0

Many users today tried to visit websites that is mostly blocked by their country or ISP. Such as websites that contain pornography, adult-content, forum, social media etc. For example, you cannot visit Reddit from Indonesia and much more. To access these websites, you will need a VPN or Proxy. Most VPN are not free and even if it is free, it will be very slow. Today, we will be using a method called WebProxy.

First, you need to go to WebProxy.Men website.

After that, you must input the website’s address/link you want to visit and click the “visit” button.

There you go! Your destination website will be fetched.


Some of the things to note :

  • If you click a link from the proxy website, the link you will visit after you click will be proxied automatically.
  • It is OK if you want to login to a website from this proxy, although it is not recommended in some websites
  • Visiting unsecured “http” website will be converted to “https” for you, increasing the security.
  • You can visit slow websites faster because it is the proxy website that connect to your destination website, not you.

What do you think about Web Proxy? If you feel like something is wrong from my post, please correct me in the comment and tell me what is your thought. Thank you.

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