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We have partnered with BrainVerts, The Bitcoin Earning Platform

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Today, we would like to announce our partnership with BrainVerts. That means, everything regarding updates, newsletter, promotion and announcement regarding BrainVerts will be published by AUI.Review.

So… what is BrainVerts?

BrainVerts is a Bitcoin earning platform where you can earn by clicking ads, participation in games and even completing survey and offers.

Cool! How can I join?

You can join BrainVerts platform by clicking the link here.

Is there any referral program there?

Of course! You can check their referral programs.

What if I have other question about BrainVerts?

You can see their FAQs or contact their support.


Also, if you want to be the first to know about BrainVerts upcoming updates, promotions or even events, subscribe to our newsletter.